Vehicle GPS Tracker

4G LTE Hotspot GPS Tracker


Ulbotech's T380 is the latest WIFI on wheels OBDII GPS tracker supporting 4G LTE and WIFI hotspot. It's built-in a multi-function input and an immobilizer output functions. The T380 with the standard plug-and-play OBD II connector, can be easily installed and used.
3G WCDMA GPS Tracker


3G WCDMA GPS Tracker with OBDII port, Internal Engine Cut for anti-theft. Easy to install and use.

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Ulbotech provide advanced Vehicle GPS Tracker of T360 with OBD port for easy plug and play and without wiring requirement, save time and cost. Which is used for real time positioning & Tracking.

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Ulbotech offers an advanced Vehicle GPS Tracker for anti-theft and fleet management.

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Ulbotech offers an economic Vehicle GPS Tracker with basic function like Real-time Positioning & Tracking.

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